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2013 Los Angeles Scenie Award Winner Howard M. Lockie is a native Angeleno and has trained with renowned teacher's such as Harold Guskin and Peter Flood. Howard is recognizable from the Cohen Bros. "Hail Caesar!", Con Man" by Bruce Caulk , and "American Mondo" by the late, great, Uli Lommell in addition to "That Thing You Do", and "Waterworld". Howard loves a good challenge and can be seen in projects in NYC, Los Angeles, Vienna, Austria and everything in between. Howard's favorite theatre roles include Captain Harvey in "Port Chicago 50", Theo in Steve Martin's "Underpants", and Mr. Lawson in "All the King's Men". TV credits include My Crazy Ex, West Wing, Sleeper Cell, True Nightmares and many others...


HOWARD M. LOCKIE 2013 Los Angeles Scenie Recipient


HOWARD M. LOCKIE 2011 Los Angeles Prison Award

"Purgatory House" LOS ANGELES CITY - 2011

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